Alexander Harvey Room

 Alexander Harvey Room

Alexander Harvey Room - boardroom style

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The Alexander Harvey Room is a bright, day-lit room for meetings of up to 18 people, seated boardroom style. High windows along one side of the room ensure a light, airy atmosphere.

Magnetic paint on the walls allows notes and papers from meetings to be easily displayed around the room and repositioned as required.

About the architect


William Alexander Harvey was the architect taken on, aged just 20, by George Cadbury to design Bournville, the model 'garden suburb' that would house the Cadbury's workforce. The pioneering scheme incorporated everything that a small town would need, including shops, schools and churches.

Bournville village schools - RIBA Library Photographs Collection

Bournville Village School




Theatre style: 30 

Boardroom style: 18

Cabaret style: 18



L 8.4m W 4.4m H 2.9m


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