Martin Room

 Martin theatre 2

Martin Room - theatre style


 Martin Room boardroom style

Martin Room - boardroom

 Martin-Theatre 2

 Martin Room

The Martin Room on the 5th floor, is a bright, day-lit room for meetings, presentations, board meetings and breakout space. It includes a plasma screen for presentations and its magnetic walls allows notes and papers to be easily displayed around the room and repositioned as required.

 The Martin Room can also be used as a reception area for the opposite Lasdun Room. 

About the architect

Sir Leslie Martin was a leading figure in British architecture, education and research throughout the mid-20th century. Principal architect on the Royal Festival Hall, one of Britain's best-loved post-war buildings, Martin held many posts on competition juries and as an architectural advisor to many universities and organisations. Sir Leslie Martin received the RIBA Royal Gold Medal in 1973.

Royal Festival Hall. Architectural Press Archive.

Royal Festival Hall - RIBA Library Photographs Collection



Theatre style: 25

Boardroom style: 16 

Cabaret style: 12


L 6.5m, W 4.2m, H 2.9m

RIBA Floor Plan

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