Voysey Room


Voysey Room - boardroom

Voysey Room catering area

Catering area

 Voysey Room

Voysey - theatre style

The Voysey Room is situated on the 4th floor next to the Stirling Room and offers large windows with views over the mews. Due to its contemporary design  and its built-in plasma screen, the room is perfect for meetings, presentations, board meetings and breakout space.

The Voysey Room can be booked on its own or used in conjunction with the Stirling Room as a breakout room or refreshment area. 

About the architect 

CFA Voysey was a central figure in the Arts and Crafts movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His style was lighter and more elegant than that of William Morris, and he designed houses, fabrics, furniture and wallpaper. He was awarded the RIBA Royal Gold Medal in 1940. 
Design for a Wallpaper to honour Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. 


Design for a wallpaper and tapestry produced by Essex and Company to honour Queen Victorias Diamond Jubilee 1897 - RIBA Library Photographs Collection




Theatre style: 23

Boardroom: 10


L 5.5m W 5.4m H 3.1m

RIBA Floor Plan

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